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mike archibald

Mike Archibald; photographer

When I was a kid my Grandfather, Harry Archibald, let me play with an old Nikon camera that was in the garage collecting dust. I was fascinated by this tiny machine and soon took all my piggy bank savings to buy, at the time, rolls of film, one after another.

The next summer, when I was eight, my Mother had gone through my photos, and without telling me, had entered one in a local photography competition and I won. From then on in one way or another I was tied to the world of creative production.

In my high school, myself and one other person were selected as the top two creatives in our arts classes chosen by our teachers winning us jobs and mentorships at the University of Wisconsin and at seventeen I had my own live radio show. And more followed but most recently I won “Best Male Portrait” 2018 by Guru’s. And the “Art of Photography” award in 2020.

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Melissa Schiller

Melissa Schiller is my assistant and she has her own photography business. Melissa is a amazing women, mother, wife, photographer and a trusted assistant. We have worked together on several weddings and is a close family friend. Aaron, her husband is a passionate videographer and editor.



My son, Aiden, who just turned 13 and is my assistant a decent little photographer, videographer and graphic designer. Recently he got his first rank in Muay Thai (kickboxing) and is one of the youngest in the country to achieve a world wide ranking.


Kaleb is my youngest and this photo says it all. He is a crazy little snack-a-holic that likes to go on secret snack runs with his Dad. Recently Kaleb got his first camera and enjoys joining me on shoots.